Date 2015.06.04 Writer Admin
Title Mexico Elected New ISES Regional Warning Center

Mexico becomes the newest ISES Regional Warning Center!


The Mexican Space Weather Service (Servicio de Clima Espacial Mexicano, SCIESMEX) recently became the Mexican national government supplier of space weather services. This service was initiated in October, 2014. They currently have a number of their own local observations (e.g., magnetometers, GPS, cosmic rays, and solar radio bursts), and they use additional data from ISES partners and other international organizations. They have initial warning/alert products and are working to strengthen ties with regional users. SCIESMEX has strong ties to government agencies with Mexico, and they are represented on the WMO Inter-Programme Coordination Team on Space Weather.


SCIESMEX, as with all ISES centers, is striving to expand and to improve space weather services to address the growing demand locally and globally. We look forward to working closely with SCIESMEX and with the growing space weather community in Mexico.