Space Research Center (Poland)

Name Space Research Center (SRC)
Established 1975
ISES Member 1996
Organization Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Polish Academy of Science Space Research Centre Heliogeophisical Prediction Service Laboratory RWC Warszawa
Staff 9 employees
Person in charge Iwona Stanislawska (Director SRC PAS)
Beata Dziak-Jankowska (Director RWC Warsaw)
Location Warsaw, Poland
Address Space Research Centre PAS,
ul. Bartycka 18A,
00-716 (Zip code) Warsaw, Poland
Contact Beata Dziak-Jankowska,
Tel. +48 22 4966 381,
Fax: + 48 22 840 31 31
RWC Warszawa
Additional Info RWC Warszawa performs duty as: data provider, service provider, applied science developer related to space weather data assessment, modeling and prediction techniques.

The RWC/IDCE (The Ionospheric Despatch Centre in Europe) web service ( provides on line access to data base of the critical frequency of F2 ionospheric layer forecast for all available sites.

Continuous now-casting of regional ionospheric conditions over Europe, East Asia and Australia area is presented.

Data from Polish observatories are also collected. Three components of geomagnetic field are supplied by the Central Geophysical Observatory PAS in Belsk, Poland. Solar radio flux at 10 frequencies is supplied by Observatory of Cracow. Both are available on the home page in near-real time as well as Warsaw and Hornsund ionosondes data.

RWC Warszawa publishes a special daily bulletin URSIGRAM Warsaw on the basis of the continuous flow of data from Poland and abroad, and broadcasts it within the ISES and provides forecast service for the governmental and commercial communications HF radio signal intensity.