Solar Activity Prediction Center (China)

Name Solar Activity Prediction Center (SAPC)
Established 1969
ISES Member 1992
Organization CAS (Chinese Academy of Science)
NAOC (National Astronomical Observatories) SPD (Solar Physics Division) SAPC (Solar Activity Prediction Center)
Staff 13 employees
Person in charge Huaning Wang (, Leading Scientist
Location Beijing, China
Address 20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 10012, China
Contact Han He (, TEL: 86-10-64846833
Additional Info As a member of International Space Environment Service (ISES), Regional Warning Center of China (RWC-China) consists of four sub-centers: Solar Activity Prediction Center (SAPC), Space Environment Prediction Center (SEPC), Ionospheric Disturbance Prediction Center (IDPC) and Geomagnetic Storm Prediction Center (GSPC).

The tasks of RWC-China are as follows: improvement for space weather forecast; enlargement of the service field; collaboration with domestic and international organizations; exchange forecast information and observational data with other regional warning centers to serve the users in local regions and the world.

The headquarters of RWC China is located at NAOC. Solar Physics Division of NAOC provides strong support to RWC China with several ground-based solar observing stations in domestic areas.