Space Environment Prediction Center (China)

Name Space Environment Prediction Center (SEPC)
Established 1992
ISES Member 1992
Organization CAS (Chinese Academy of Science)
NSSC (National Space Science Center) SED (Space Environment Division) SEPC (Space Environment Prediction Center)
Staff 29 employees
Person in charge Siqing Liu (, Director
Location Beijing, China
Address No. 1 Nanertiao, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190, China
Contact Qiuzhen Zhong (
TEL: 86-10-62582854 FAX: 86-10-62586416
Additional Info In SEPC, operational forecasting service of space weather for the public as well as tailored customers is provided 7 days per week, including solar eruptions (flares, CMEs, and SPEs) and their geo-space influences such as geomagnetic storms, ionospheric disturbances and middle-upper atmospheric disturbances.

Several models on predicting the dynamic magnetopause shape, relativistic electron flux at the geosynchronous orbit, solar proton events, Dst index, Kp index , and auroral electrojet indices (AU, AL, and AE) are running in real time and the results are updated on our website.

We also provide long-term and mid-term forecasts of space weather parameters such as F10.7 and Ap indices. Alerts on large flares, solar proton events, relativistic electron enhancements, and geomagnetic storms are issued as soon as possible once they occur.