Message from the Director

The International Space Environment Service (ISES) has been the primary organization engaged in the coordination of space weather services since 1962. Space weather is not new, but space weather services are becoming increasingly important as our technologies and national/international infrastructures become more vulnerable to storms in space. The growing demand for space weather services to protect our space-based and ground-based assets requires the worldwide coordination of strong partners.

The ISES network of Members, Associate Warning Centers, and Collaborative Expert Centers provides space weather forecasts, warning, alerts, and environmental data to government and private-industry users around the globe.

ISES services include long-range forecasts that enable mitigation planning, short-term warnings of imminent storm arrival, and alerts of conditions requiring immediate action. Comprehensive measurements of current and past conditions throughout the Sun-Earth system are also available that can be used for the assessment of risk and the design of systems.

ISES strives to meet the challenge of protecting against space weather storms by improving the quality of services, increasing the availability of data, and enhancing the coordination among members. ISES welcomes your participation, as a member of the service-providing network and as a user of our services.

Terry Onsager, Director of ISES