National Institute of Space Research (Brazil)

Name National Institute for Space Research (NISR)
Established April 2008
ISES Member October 2008
Organization Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
National Institute for Space Research Embrace Program
Staff 35 friends
(3 executive managers, 1 secretary, 1 administrative staff, 8 advisory board members, 6 permanent forecasters, 9 IT professionals, 7 PhD collaborators)
Person in charge Joaquim Eduardo Rezende Costa,
General Manager of the Embrace Space Weather Program/INPE
Location São José dos Campos, Brazil
Address Av. Dos Astronautas, 1758
PO Box 515
São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil 12.201-015
Contact Joaquim Eduardo Rezende Costa
Head of the Embrace Space Weather Program/INPE(
Tel: +55 12 3208 7285 - Secretary / +55 12 3208 7200
Fax: +55 12 3208 6990
Additional Info Embrace Mission:
To monitor the Sun-Earth environment, the ionosphere and the ground and to forecast potential influences on technological and economic activities.

Embrace Products:
Sun - Solar activity monitored by isolated radio-telescopes and Solar decimetric array telescope, ranging from 40 MHz to 40 GHz levels the level of solar activity.

Solar-terrestrial relationships and Earth´s magnetosphere -cosmic ray fluxes monitored by muons detectors offer clues for the enhancements of the solar activity variability.

Ionosphere - radio scintillation, total electron content and several other ionospheric parameters obtained by GPS receivers and ionosondes. Ground - electric and magnetic field sensors to monitor ionospheric currents and ground induced currents during magnetic storms.

Database and dissemination - Embrace operation center data are available to the public at