Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (Belgium)

Name Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC)
Established 1981
ISES Member 2000
Organization Federal Government of Belgium  Royal Observatory of Belgium Operational Directorate “Solar Physics and Space Weather” Regional Warning Center Belgium
Staff 40 employees
Person in charge Dr. David Berghmans
Location Brussels, Belgium
Address Ringlaan/Avenue Circulaire 3
Contact Jesse Andries ( or David Berghmans (
Additional Info RWC Belgium is operated by the SIDC, strongly focussing on Solar Activity, but through the activities of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE, it benefits from a much wider base, including GNSS and ionospheric application, geomagnetism and radiation environment.

RWC Belgium is home to the World Data Service for the International Sunspot Index. We make observations in space (PROBA2, EUV images and irradiance timelines) and on the ground in various observing stations: in Brussels (solar telescope, white light and H-alpha), in Humain (radio observations), and in Dourbes (geomagnetic data and ionosonde) and GNSS networks.