Solar flare survey intervals for Ha patrols, cinematographic only (P) or visual only (V). UPATP and UPATV are sent only if the flare observations have been reduced and are being reported in the same message, although there need not be flares observed during the patrol period.


  • and

Definition of symbols:

  • UPATP comes from flare PATrol hours, Photographic
  • and

  • UPATP comes from flare PATrol hours, Photographic

  • I I I I I = station indicator

  • DD = UT day of observation
  • U = overall quality of observation
    • 0 = no data
    • 1 = very poor
    • 2 = poor
    • 3 = fair
    • 4 = good
    • 5 = exceptional
  • aa = check sum of all the following digits

  • bbb = UT time of beginning of patrol period in hours and thenths of hours
  • cc = UT time of end of patrol period, in hours and tenths of hours, with tens digit suppressed

Note: Repeat UPATP (or UPATV) I I I I I DDUaa whenever the observing period covers two UT days. If ambiguity is possible when decoding, insert an extra groupbbbcc.

Note: / is to be used for data not available.