Date 2013.08.01 Writer Admin
Title Congratulations! New ISES web site online

The new ISES web site is now online! Congratulations to KiChang Yoon and the RWC South Korea staff for their excellent effort developing this new site. The Korean Space Weather Center’s generous support to develop and host the web site and their dedication to continuing improvements is highly appreciated.

We want to give our strong thanks to RWC Canada for their long and enthusiastic support of the prior ISES web site and for their assistance in the transition of the site to RWC South Korea. Thanks are given to Robyn Fiori (RWC Canada) for leading the effort to revise the text describing the organizational structure. The effort by all the ISES Members that provided valuable feedback throughout the development is appreciated.

The new ISES web site is an important step toward improving outreach to worldwide users of space weather information and to enhancing communication among all ISES Members. This new web site will provide a forum for sharing news of new developments and for the coordination of services.

Thanks to all ISES Members for your dedication to ISES.

Terry Onsager (ISES Director, RWC Boulder)